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Musculosketal Ultrasound

Guidance with ultrasound has been shown to improve the accuracy and success of joint and soft tissue injections, while reducing discomfort from the injection itself. All of our providers are skilled in ultrasound guided procedures. Ultrasound allows us to more safely perform procedures such as drainage of Baker’s cysts (swelling behind the knees), sacroiliac joint injection and therapeutic injections for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ultrasound also results in more accurate delivery of medications such as corticosteroids and viscosupplements, also known as “gel injections” for osteoarthritis of the knees (Synvisc, Euflexxa, and Orthovisc for example). The usefulness of ultrasound as a tool to help diagnose Rheumatoid Arthritis is becoming more widely appreciated. Our doctors make use of this at the bedside as an extension of the physical exam to detect joint swelling (synovitis) that might otherwise be hard to feel. It may also be used to detect early joint damage, even before any X-ray changes are seen. This helps guide treatment choices and monitor a patient’s response to medications.

To learn more about this technology, please review the Radiology Info site on musculoskeletal ultrasound.